Our Story & Purpose

Newmanity was created to help shift the way we live and work into a more human and happier paradigm.

Newmanity is the result of its founder Filipa Larangeira’s personal and professional journey.

At the age of 35 and after a life-changing event and 13 years working in multiple organizations, Filipa realized that our current social and economic paradigm is negatively impacting our general well-being state, community and environment.

In 2016 she decided to put her skills and passions into action and together with a like minded community of people and organizations, she created Newmanity. More than an organization, Newmanity aims to be a movement for conscious living and working.

Newmanity’s purpose is to create a new paradigm of co-living and co-working based on human-centric and sustainable values. With this vision in mind we expect to exponentially impact people, planet and progress and help solve 13 of UN’s Sustainable Goals.


Our Values

Our Values guide the way we think and act towards ourselves, our team and all our stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers and community at large).


 We are an inclusive and diverse group of people that advocate that every human-being is needed to create maximum impact in the world. We believe that people’s true nature is to be at service with kindness and without expecting anything in return. Together we’re stronger. 


We use our passions, talents, technology and power of communities to propel a positive transformation in the world. We expect to leave the world much better than we found it and to help solve the major challenges that affect people and planet.


We live with an open mind - growth mindset - , and open heart in regards to other perspectives and ways of living. We practice daily unconditional love for ourselves and others.


We believe that truth, transparency, respect and integrity are the foundations of sustainable cooperation and personal freedom. These values guide our intentions, words and actions.


We are driven by our passions, talents and values. We put everything that we are in everything that we do. There are no limits for our dreams as long as they are aligned with our inner calling. We are here to serve people, planet and progress.



We share knowledge, experiences and victories internally, with our stakeholders and community at large. We believe that education, well-being and personal development are the basis for positive change in the world. We this lifelong growth process in a peer-to-peer community of like minded partners.



We are fully accountable for our thoughts and action towards stakeholders, community and environment. We chose service over self-interest and understand the importance of sustainable growth while building capacity for future generations.