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Do you need  help with a life situation or have a specific question that you’d like answered about your general well-being? Do you need the quick help of a life-coach and well-being specialist?  Some of the topics our coaches address include wellness, nutrition, relationship challenges, exercise, mindfulness & meditation, self-love and self-esteem, chakras, energy healing, purpose in life, happiness & joy, self-awareness and spiritual development. 

We’re here to create impact in your life by guiding you through any challenges you may be facing. Ask anything! We’re happy to answer!


Who is this for?

Anyone seeking quick guidance on a life challenge or situation.


1 Well-Being Pre-Assessment

1 60 min video call

1 MP3 audio file of the session

Lifetime access to the Newmanity Wellness + Healing Community (private Facebook group with exclusive content and live events)


60 mins: 150€*


* If you are a student or are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us for special prices on this service.