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Mindfulness and meditation are associated with lower stress levels and higher states of happiness, peace, and well-being. But with so many different practices out there, which mindfulness tools are right for your specific needs? Which type of meditation is suitable with your lifestyle? We answer these questions with our unique Mindfulness & Meditation consult.

Our coaches evaluate your needs, learning style, personality traits, and lifestyle preferences, and then develop highly tailored solutions to help you get started with mindfulness and meditation. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to mindfulness and we specialize in delivering actionable solutions for all our clients.

Are you ready to start your own individualized mindfulness & meditation practice?



Who is this for?

_ If you suffer from anxiety or stress-related issues.

_ If you wish to reach a high-performace state of mind.

_ If you have a demanding and stressful job/career and wish to learn simple tools to keep you centered.

_ If you have a very busy mind that never quiets down.

_ If you are interested in mindfulness and meditation but have not found that right practices for you yet.

_ If you wish to live a more peaceful, joyful, fulfilling life.


1 Mindfulness & Meditation Pre-Assessment

1 60 min session (live* or via video call)

1 MP3 audio file of the session

1 Individualized Mindfulness & Meditation Report, with tailored recommendations, tools, and advice. 

Lifetime access to the Newmanity Wellness + Healing Community (private group with exclusive content and live events)


60 mins: 195€**


* Live consults are only available in the Lisbon, Portugal, area.

** If you are a student or are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us for special prices on this service.