Newmanity was born from the shared passions and identified needs of its founders, Filipa Larangeira and Christina Lopes.


Filipa Larangeira (CEO and Co-Founder) met Christina Lopes (Chief Well-Being Officer & Co-Founder) after a life-changing event that made her reevaluate all her past beliefs and choices. With more than a decade of experience in science, wellness/health and holistic healing, Christina became Filipa’s life coach, helping her change her increase her well-being, as well as her understanding of self and others.

After this transformation process, Filipa quit her job as an HR VP at a successful startup and invited Christina to co-found Newmanity, as a way of helping others achieve high states of well-being, as well as widely sharing their combined experience, learnings, and passions.

It was with this “massively transformative purpose” (a term borrowed by impact entrepreneur Peter Diamandis) that Newmanity's tagline was born:

"Well-being for all".

As the business rapidly grew, the team continued to look for ways of impacting more people and organizations. One key question quickly became embedded in the company DNA: 

“How can we impact the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time?”

This question became the driving force behind the expansion of Newmanity and its impact on the wider community.

Newmanity’s vision is to spread the company's values and learnings through good technology, community building and open knowledge strategies : "Best of People, Best of Nature, Best of Technology."


Well-Being Defined

Our unique definition of well-being comes from the ground-breaking work of renowned researchers Richard Davidson and Carol Ryff.


To us, the main components of well-being are:



Self-compassion, self-respect and ultimately, the ability to feel love for ourselves, which only then can translate in love for others.

2. Autonomy

Autonomy is the source of exponential creativity, productivity and happiness at work.

3. Resilience & Outlook

 Our ability to rebound from negative
emotions or life experiences, while
also holding a positive outlook on life.

4. Connection

With humans and nature. Deep connection
with other humans is the single most
important predictor of longevity known.

5. Purposeful Work.

The more purpose-driven we are in our choice of jobs/careers, the happier we are.

6. Mindfulness

Mental attention and focus has a lot to do with our ability to be present with what is directly in front of us. And the more our minds are still-that is, not “mind wandering”- the happier we are.