Meet the Newmanity Team

We have a unique human-centric culture that focuses first and foremost on the overall well-being of each team member. Only then can we create massive impact in our community at large.


Working at Newmanity is a human-acceleration experience that aims to help each team member thrive by aligning their passions and strengths with business needs and strategy.  

We embrace cognitive diversity (and all other diversity too!) and individual uniqueness, while strongly promoting core common values such as trust, connection, self-awareness, passion, balanced-living, adaptability, and eagerness to learn and create impact.

We believe in flat, holacratic systems, where knowledge and leadership are democratized, regardless of job titles.  As a multifaceted, agile and positive organization, we work in a project-based structure, where each team is built according to team member interests, talents and business needs.

At Newmanity, everyone leads by example.


Our Founders


Filipa Larangeira

CEO & Co-Founder

For more than a decade, Filipa has worked with multinationals (ie, Nokia) and startups (ie Miniclip, Uniplaces), developing efficient and sustainable solutions that connect human motivation to the needs of each company. Multifaceted, with an expertise in project management and multicultural teams, she possesses a unique set of business experience in marketing, sales, law, consultancy, and human resources. As a tech and impact entrepreneur, Filipa believes that when given the opportunity, every single person possesses a multitude of natural talents that can be developed and used in service of a greater cause or community.

Mother, yoga and meditation practitioner, and surfer, Filipa sees our current political, social and economic times as a great opportunity for a major shift in planetary consciousness.

Filipa holds a Master's Degree in Law from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and an MBA from INDEG-ISCTE.

Passions: Human Nature, Yoga, Surfing, Technology.

Christina Lopes

Chief Well-Being Officer & Co-Founder

Christina was born in California but raised in Portugal’s breathtaking Azores Islands. Educated in the United States, she spent a decade working as a neuropediatric physical therapist, clinical instructor, and international lecturer, with humanitarian missions completed in India and Peru. In 2013, Christina experienced a major shift and awakening in her life, spending the next 4 years in solitude and meditation training. During that time, she authored two books and shifted from a purely clinical career to holistic healing, life coaching, and spiritual guidance.

Today, Christina’s work with clients focuses on holistic forms of healing and her coaching approach is one of empowerment: helping others find within themselves the power to dramatically change their lives.

Christina holds a Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University.

Passions: Meditation, Nature, Hiking, Spirituality.


Our Board

Dave (Newmanity)

Dave Shanker

CIO & Tech Evangelist

Before joining Newmanity, Dave was the CEO and founder of Shanker Technical Consulting LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to providing technical strategy, guidance, and resourcing in this ever-changing high-tech environment. His focus was to help business grow by making technology easier and his clients included Fortune 100, healthcare, and multi-media companies. Dave has also served as Head of Technical Operations at Miniclip Games, a role which saw him develop and implement a cloud-first strategy along with implementation of a DevOps culture across various cross-functional teams.

Passions: Fast cars & motorcycles, tech, family, traveling, sports.


Tom Van Camp


Tom started his career as an academic researcher in biotechnology, where he developed strong analytical skills. Being raised in an entrepreneurial family, he learned to strategically guide the Belgium based commercial real estate company Databuild: where he was responsible for project development and financial policy. This included management, securing financing projects and tax structuring. Today, Tom is eager to help find solutions with the most long-term positive impact for well-being in society.

Tom holds a Master's Degree in Biotechnology from Ghent University.

Passions:  Walking, music, dancing, forrests.

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-28 at 8.19.51 AM.jpeg

Ryan Law

Commercial & Marketing Advisor

Ryan has 13 years of experience in advertising and marketing. He started his career in Malaysia, working in sales for Unilever and then transitioned into advertising: handling one the biggest telecommunication companies (Maxis) in Malaysia. 10 years ago, Ryan moved to China, where he has managed big brand clients like Abbott, Wyeth, MSD, Sprite, LG, Budweiser, Converse, Audi, and Disney. 

Ryan graduated with a marketing degree in Charles Stuart University of Australia and is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. He embraces life and work with infectious humor and resilient enthusiasm.

Passions: Great food & wine, travel, acrobatic yoga.


Our Team

Rita (Newmanity)

Rita Gouveia

Culture Developer & Project Manager

Motto: "Life is better with chocolate!"

Hobbies: Cooking, problem solving, creativity.

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Madalena (Newmanity)

Madalena Silva

Brand & Creative Manager

Motto: "If you have the will you’ll find the way."

Hobbies: Travelling, learning, exercising.

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Cristina (Newmanity)

Cristina Batalha

People Developer & Project Manager

Motto: "Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life!"

Hobbies: Traveling, trekking, dancing, meditation. 

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Sara (Newmanity)

Sara Andrade

People Developer & Community Manager

Motto: "Walk in other people's shoes."

Hobbies: Concerts, travel, new things, meditation.

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Sofia Castelbranco

Talent Manager

Motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

Hobbies: Photography, music, stand up paddle, self-improvement

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Joss Mandryk

Brand & Creative Consultant

Motto:  "I believe that quality of life is not a question of speed & success, but a matter of rhythm & passion."

Hobbies: Long-distance running, fashion, travel, cooking spicy foods. 

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Want to join us?

We are always looking for purpose-driven, creative, and passionate people, who want to help increase well-being on the planet.