Our Team

Newmanity is a purpose-driven and human-centric organization that works in a democratic, lean, and decentralized system.


In order to positively impact more lives and grow or skills and ability to  innovate, we design and deploy our solutions in cooperation with a trusted group of people and companies - The Purpose Alliance.

This network works in a cooperative sharing economy way and is built on top of our core values.

Our culture, governance model and business strategy mirror our values and purpose.


Filipa Larangeira

CEO & Positive Change-Maker

Motto: "I'm realistic. I believe in miracles."

Super Powers: Strategy, Creativity, Community Building & Dork Dancing

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Dave Shanker

CIO & Tech Evangelist

Motto: "If it didn't break, then we're not pushing hard enough."

Super Powers: Product Development, Entrepreneurship & Team Management

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Elena Kolevska

Lead Software Engineer & Tech4Good Geek

Motto: “Everything's right in the end. If it's not right - it's not the end yet.”

Super Powers: Software Development, Patience & Capoeira

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André Canha

Software Engineer & Human+Computer Enthusiast

Motto: "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

Super Powers: Software Development, Human-computer Interaction, Curiosity & Foodie

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Manuel Larangeira

Financial Director & Legal Champion

Motto: “Learn to Love what life gives you”.

Super Powers: Business Administration, Finance, Accounting & Riding motorbikes

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Madalena Silva

Lead Designer & Brand Guru

Motto: "If you have the will you’ll find the way."

Super Powers: Design, Branding, Travelling & Exploring

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Rute Caldeira

Mindfulness, Meditation & NLP Coach

Motto: "Today better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today."

Super Powers: Mindfulness, Meditation, NLP &  Courage

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Tom Van Camp

Finance & Investment Advisor

Motto:  "Walk the Talk."

Super Powers: Pragmatic, Strategy, Sincerity & Craughing

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Susana Vie

Yoga, Pilates & High Performance Coach & Guest Blogger

Motto: "Get busy living, eat well and stay well."

Super Powers: Empathy, Learning & Adaptability. 

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Joana Coito

Macrobiotic Chef & Conscious Cooking Coach

Motto: "Leave this world a little better than you found it."

Super powers: Cooking, Audacity, Planning & Great sense of humour

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Marta Romão

Communication Expert & Guest Blogger

Motto: "One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things."

Super powers: Storytelling, Exploring, Communicating

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Inês Klinesmith

Journalist & Guest Blogger

Motto:  "Listen. Look inward, but also remember to look around. Be kind."

Super Powers: Positivity, Research, Content Creation, Multi-tasking

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Daniele Simões

Trend Forecaster & Guest Blogger

Motto: "Everything you can imagine is real."

Super Powers: Creativity, Trends & Exploring 

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