Our Core Values

While we work hard towards a more prosperous future, we never lose sight of what's truly important in an organization.



We believe in harnessing the power of technology and public/private partnerships to create innovative solutions that ensure job security and sustainable economic growth for all.

We aim to operate on every front in an ecologically responsible way, minimizing our carbon footprint and always being mindful of our role as stewards of the environment.



We promote a culture of love-- of self, others, and planet-- as a fundamental condition for true social and environmental equilibrium. We are committed to respecting humans and nature. This love and respect will always be reflected in our relationships with team members, clients, community, partners, natural ecosystems, and in any educational programs we develop.



We believe in the power of democratization-- dropping the costs of goods and services and making them easily accessible to everyone-- as a means to increase well-being in our society.


We are committed to fostering and developing the 6 components of well-being within society:

1.  Self-love
2.  Resilience and outlook
3.  Purposeful work
4.  Autonomy
5.  Connection / Heart-Centeredness
6.  Mindfulness.



We believe in a multi-faceted cooperation: one that includes humans, nature and technology. We aim to use emerging technology as a means for more cooperative human transactions (ie, bitcoin, blockchain, and machine learning), incorporate alternative economic models (ie, sharing economy), and establish a balanced relationship with nature.



We nurture democratic communities, where all opinions, gender, backgrounds and beliefs are welcome in deep connection and respect for human rights and human dignity. We welcome all talents and ways of learning and working.