Our Advisors

Anthony Manalad

Luis Rebelo de Andrade


Architecture, Sustainability, Design.

Jean Brown

José Pacheco

Teacher, Pedagogue
Portugal/ Brasil

Founder of more 200 alternative schools in Portugal and South America.

Peter Hill

John Eustace

Investment Strategy

Portugal Ventures advisor. Startups, Investment, Retail, and Marketing.


Robin Farmanfarmaian

Medical Tech
United States

Physician. Startups, Entrepreneurship, Medical Technology.


Bonnie Turner

Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira

Entrepreneur & Investor

Startups, Investment, Business Development, Marketing.


Our Partners


Get Involved

We are looking for partners, advisors, and investors who are passionate about issues related with well-being.

If you possess expertise in any of Newmanity’s focus areas (farm & foods, wellness, education, housing, impact business, technology, sustainability) and would like to become our advisor, we want to work with you!

If your organization would like to form a strategic partnership with us, let us know. And if you are a philanthropist or investor who is passionate about the same targeted well-being issues as Newmanity, please reach out to us.

We pride ourselves in being much more than a company. We are a community and believe that true large-scale transformation can only occur with the power of many. It is this sense of community and relationship that makes Newmanity an ideal partner or collaborator.