For People & Companies

We believe that true and long-lasting transformation starts from within.


Newmanity’s broader mission of democratizing well-being is shaped through our services and products, which are designed by our team or in cooperation with selected partners. All of our life development solutions aim to positively impact and address our community’s specific needs in both personal and professional contexts.


Wellness & Healing

Our wellness & healing services are the result of more than a decade of clinical, holistic, and spiritual knowledge and experience. We provide a wide scope of mind-body-soul development solutions that range from mindfulness and meditation to nutrition, spiritual guidance and life-coaching.


Career & Business

Newmanity Business is democratizing purposeful careers and human-centric businesses through our human- to-human, holistic and innovative solutions. Our career development and business consultancy solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of students, professionals, executives, startups, and established corporations.