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Our Well-Being Development Plan is a highly comprehensive service that gives you a 360° view of your life, challenges, and personal development. Together, we pinpoint your major obstacles or difficulties and help guide you through the resolution of those issues. We also reveal any “blind spots” in your life, bringing them to the full light of your conscious mind and empowering you to become a more self-aware individual.

In this highly impactful session, we’ll coach you on a range of well-being related topics such as mind/body/soul healing, relationship challenges, mindfulness & meditation, nutrition, biohacking, exercise, purposeful living, joy & happiness, self-awareness & spiritual development, and self-love & self-esteem.    


Who is this for?

_If you are facing a major challenge or difficulty in life.

_ If you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or your body is not functioning optimally.

_ If you feel lost or without purpose and need guidance on moving forward.

_ If you experience psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety or overall stress.

_ If you want to improve your physical vitality and performance through biohacking, nutrition, and exercise

_If you’re interested in quickly developing a practical meditation & mindfulness practice.  

_If you feel a calling to spiritual development and need guidance on where to start.

What this session includes:

_1 Well-Being Pre-Assessment

_1 90min consult (live* or via e-meeting)

_1 MP3 of the consult

_1 Well-Being Personal Development Plan, with tools and recommendations tailored to your needs and lifestyle

_1 “Ultimate Guide To Well-Being”, an e-book filled with practical tools and exercises

_Lifetime access to the Newmanity Wellness + Healing Community (private Facebook group with exclusive content and live events).   





* Face-to-face appointments are limited to the Lisbon (Portugal) area and only upon request.

**If you are a student or are experiencing financial hardship, please contact us for special prices on this service.